Wide Bay Motor Complex Incorporated

About the project

Wide Bay Motor Complex Inc. was founded in 2010 to be the guiding entity in the development of a multi-purpose driver training and motorsports facility for the Wide Bay region.

WBMC Inc has currently identified a site and are focussing our efforts towards developing a facility which will hopefully include a Dragstrip, Speedway and Circuit incorporating driver training facilities as well as some smaller components such as Mower Racing, BMX, Jet Sprint Boats, 4×4 course.

The development of all facilities is dependent on the various user clubs securing funding through sources including grants, membership fees and private investment.WBMC through our in-house grants officer and other investment contacts will seek to actively assist any club wishing to be part of the facility in securing funding to construct their facilities.


To get involved check out the Wide Bay Motor Complex website http://widebaymotorcomplex.com or like them on Facebook.    fb

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