Click Here to sign an E-Petition to Save Our Motorsport Tracks


By signing the e-petition found at the link below, you can help SAVE OUR
TRACKS.  It’s quick and simple to do.

Queensland Raceways CEO, John Tetley, and QMSC President, Ron Blake, on behalf of the QMSC have offered their full support of
the petition which, if implemented by the Queensland Government, would
provide protection under Chapter 8A of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 to
motor sport venues.   This would eliminate continual complaints to
authorities and legal action that attempts to force closure or implement
severe and unviable restrictions on established motor sports facilities.

Most venues have been established for many years and provide an avenue for
recreational motor sports. a legitimate activity undertaken by motoring
enthusiasts of all ages.  Many of the venues provided by the motor sport
industry include driver training, off-road training for school students and
provide a safe venue for people of all ages to test their driving skills at
speed just to name a few.

Queensland Raceways and the QMSC continue to support a policy of ‘speed on a track and not on a road’.

Local governments in all areas of Queensland have allowed residential
development near long standing sporting facilities and newly arrived
residents often then pursue action to restrict the facility’s normal
recreational use; reduce times of use; and the number of days it can be
used.  QMSC believes when the motors sport facility was already in existence
before the residential development, it should be protected from vexatious
complaints and any consequential legal action.

The petition is requesting the Queensland Government to provide protection
under Chapter 8A of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009

Don’t miss your chance to SAVE OUR TRACKS